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Hey, by some chance you happen to stumble through the internet and find yourself here (like the old days) I"m slowly working on this website site for a hopeful relaunch in the spring. To be honest, i shut it down in 2018 because i was convinced it was not necessary. I actually, still don't think it is but i guess i should have it online just incase. More things to come, unless i change my mind. For all the latest, stay tuned into Facebook or Instagram.

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Thank You!

Woke up this morning to find that Louie & Aedra made it home safely on their flights, which officially means the End Process tour is over. 14 shows in 16 days. Before the tour, i packed books, and mad

Lets try this again

Hi, and welcome. My eventual goal is to migrate a lot of my activity online here instead of Facebook, as well as develop a portfolio of sorts for all my media and audio/video work.


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