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“SPLIT PIECES STITCHED….” PANIC LIFT continues the unraveling of its themed EP release cycle with the band’s first release of 2022 titled “STITCHED.” This 4 song EP features 2 new songs titled “EVERY BROKEN PIECE” and “BITTER COLD” and includes remixes from MECHANICAL VIEN and TRAGIC IMPULSE.

For “STITCHED” PANIC LIFT explores a harsh EBM sound more stylistically similar to their landmark debut record “WITNESS TO OUR COLLAPSE” JAMES FRANCIS explains “I’ve always tried to find a happy medium between what I’m doing now, and where I started” he continues “but now that I’m doing smaller releases, I have the ability to experiment with different styles without having to worry much about how they fit with the rest of my catalog” Lyrically, “EVERY BROKEN PIECE” and “BITTER COLD” continue with the familiar themes of stress, coping, and concerns of self-image. Eagle eye PANIC LIFT fans may remember “EVERY BROKEN PIECE” from PANIC LIFT’s lockdown shows in 2020 that were broadcast online during the height of the COVID19 Pandemic.

Following up their successful collaboration last year when PANIC LIFT remixed MECHANICAL VIEN’s “TAKN” which racked up a quarter of a million streams on SPOTIFY. MECHANICAL VEIN returns the favor with an industrial bass inspired remix for “BITTER COLD.” Distortion Production’s TRAGIC IMPULSE infuse synthpop sensibilities with a hard edge into their remix of “EVERY BROKEN PIECE” PANIC LIFT continues offering different types of merchandise associated with each release and will be accepting pre-orders for a T-SHIRT during the cycle for “STITCHED”

Panic Lift begun in 2006 and has released music and toured consistently for the last 15 years. PANIC LIFT has released 4 full length albums on METROPOLIS RECORDS, and countless EPs, Remixes, and collaborations. JAMES FRANCIS is accompanied by his longtime live band which consists of DAN PLATT (KEYBOARDS) BEN TOURKANTONIS (DRUMS) CRISTIAN CARVER (DRUMS) and KENZI BURKE (BASS) 

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