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Thank You!

Woke up this morning to find that Louie & Aedra made it home safely on their flights, which officially means the End Process tour is over.

14 shows in 16 days.

Before the tour, i packed books, and made sure my spotify was ready. planning to get lost in my headphones as one would expect to do on long car rides. However, i think i may have only read a chapter and i didnt take out my ear buds once. We spent most of the time, bonding, talking, and philosophizing our way through most states and DJing the van aux to expose new music to each other. While many on this tour were dear friends to me beforehand, they are ALL brothers to me now. I want to thank them for all for their wonderful insight, and perspectives as talking to you all this tour will surely help me grow into a better person.

It was amazing to me, what i heard most from the fans who attended the shows was "man, i've been listening to you since Witness to our collapse" which never ceased to blow my mind. It's been 12 years doing this, and to think that i've had fans who supported me through this entire wild ride is both humbling and mind blowing, and i cant help but get emotional thinking about it.

A very big thank you to the whole tour crew. Dan for making it out on this run and making the band whole. You've been here since day 1 and you're just as big of a part of the heart of this band as i am. Joe for keeping me grounded, it was great having you here with us, and all these tours together always bring up great memories of us together vacationing as kids, especially this time when we got to spend a few days with Tom (and Lauren)

Aedra who feels like a musical kindred spirit to me, and is someone whose life perspective i learn from daily. Its crazy how the internet brings people together, and i'm happy we get to share the experience together when the planets align themselves. Cristian who wasn't only the backbone of the tour on stage, but helped keep us all focused in our daily habits and provided calm, and focused solutions to whatever problems we faced. Lastly, Louiefor taking a chance on a few strangers, and coming out with us on this tour, quickly you became a brother to me (and all of us) and It was goddamn amazing watching you perform every night, its seriously inspiring in so many ways. i will never forget MISTAH GAMBLES

Thank you to Lisa Nadie, and Darker Side of Light Productions for booking this tour, and for being overwatch, making sure things were running smoothly. You are amazing at what you do, and i thank you for the endless hours of time and effort you took out of your busy schedule to make this happen.

A very big thank you to Psyclon Nine for sharing the stage and the bill with us on the first 2 nights. you guys are always amazing, and i hope we can do more gigs together in the future. i'm sure you CRUSHED on the rest of your tour. I appreciate everyone who was kind enough to let us crash on your couches and perform at your events. namely Chris He, Jim, Carrie, Tom & Lauren, Frank, Jackie, and especially to my wife Kimberly for putting up with 4 dudes for a long weekend! Also to all the other promoters, Mike Saga, Xris, Jarvis, Riot Room, JustN, Michael, John, Matt, and Jared Helfer, Brian Lumauig, And Andrew Koszuta for all being amazing at what you do. We deeply appreciate the support and for having us at your establishments.

I wish everyone involved continued success and happiness, and thank you all again for hosting the band at your venues and events. We deeply appreciate the love and support and i'm happy i got to see you all again.

I'm going to take a few weeks to get back to normal life, but then starts the next things. I want to do a few videos for the next 3 singles from "End Process" and i am already looking forward to playing Dark Side Of the Con 3 by VampireFreaks next march with a ton of fantastic bands and vendors, aside from that i hope to also finish up that Keep The Change album we've been promising.

I know i'm missing something, or probably someone. i'm sorry. i don't mean it but my brain is mush. Thank you again to everyone. you're all amazing

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